Our Mission

Ridgewood Camera Club brings together people with a love of photography, where photographers of all levels build friendships, inspire creativity and grow as artists, while fostering artistic and technical development.

Our Club Values


We are committed to the long term viability of the club. We participate in club activities and contribute to the workings of the club as much as possible in order to make the club a success as defined in our club mission and vision.


We respect diversity among our members and recognize the richness of differing viewpoints. We encourage an atmosphere of approachability, where members can share knowledge, experiences and their work regardless of their level in photography in order to stimulate each other`s photographic interests.


We are open to innovations in photography including new technologies, styles, and creative approaches as well as new ideas pertaining to the club, recognizing that only through openness do we improve as individuals and as a whole.


We show respect to our members, judges, guest presenters, and others whom we come into contact with as representatives of our club. We promote ethical behavior and fair play in competitions. Our criticisms of each other`s work are constructive, reflecting the fact that there is no ‘right way’ in photography.

Celebrating 81 years